Thursday, 10 May 2012

Iceland abandons Fin whale hunt - For now

IFAW welcomes end to Fin whaling in Iceland
May 2012. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has welcomed the news that Iceland has called an end to the cruel practice of harpooning endangered Fin whales.
Kristjan Loftsson, the lone Icelandic whaler responsible for killing 280 Fin whales (Seven Fin whales were killed in Iceland's waters in 2006, 125 in 2009 and 148 in 2010.) in Icelandic waters over the past six years, cited difficulties in trading the meat with Japan following its tsunami tragedy as a reason for cancelling last year's hunt. He has now abandoned plans to train his harpoons on the whales in 2012, according to Icelandic media reports.
Whale watching possibilities
IFAW, which has worked alongside Icelandic whale watch operators for several years to promote whale watching as a humane and profitable alternative to the cruelty of whaling, welcomed the decision.

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