Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lilli the calf born with six legs in Switzerland thriving

Switzerland Six-Legged Calf
Six-legged calf "Lilli" stands in a pasture in Switzerland. Picture: AP
Lilli, a seven week old, six-legged calf has become a minor celebrity in Switzerland after being born on a farm south of the capital Bern.

The calf's owner, farmer Andreas Knutti, said her disability and curved spine would prevent her from becoming a milk cow in the future.

Despite this he could not put her down when she was born because it was "so full of life".

Switzerland Six-Legged Calf
"Lilli" with owner Andreas Knutti in Weissenburg, Switzerland. Picture: AP
Mutations of this sort are not uncommon and in Lilli's probably occurred due to two embryos being merged in the womb.
Mr Knutti says if the cow continues to thrive it will soon join its companions in the Alpine pastures this summer.
Read more about Lily the calf born with six legs in Switzerland thriving at the Daily Mail.

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