Monday, 13 August 2012

CCTV footage captures 'child ghost' jumping over car

Lisa Rigley, 44, and husband Phil, 51, set up the camera outside their Nottingham home after a series of attacks on their cars.

But when they went through the film they saw a strange shape fly into their driveway and clamber over their Volvo estate.

The ghostly pest then vanished out of shot before reappearing on the opposite side of the road.

Mother-of-two Mrs Rigley, said: 'I'm absolutely gobsmacked by this. I've got the footage here, it's the image of a young child about four or five.

'Our neighbour came over to ask if we could go through the tape after she had some ornaments stolen from her front garden.
'We went through the tape to see if we could see anyone walking past our gate at the time of the theft and saw this weird hoodie-ghost jumping on our car.'

She added: 'It really was spooky. It was one of those weird feelings where you just think to yourself, 'what on earth is it?

'It looks like Casper the Friendly Ghost but it was certainly leaping all over the bonnet of our Volvo Estate. It's a ghost, it's got to be.
Her husband added: 'I am cynical about ghosts because I don't believe in them but this footage is strange.' 

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