Thursday, 9 August 2012

Influx of mosquitoes in South West

Some areas in the South West are in the grip of a mosquito plague caused by the persistent wet weather, experts have warned.
The recent heavy rainfall and flooding, combined with mild temperatures, has left many parts of the Westcountry covered with stagnant water.
This has created the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, which are now plaguing large swathes of the countryside.
On Twitter, @Cartmanisa wrote: “Got eaten alive in Appledore last week at a camp site 1 evening. Had 23 bites around feet & ankles-only bits exposed! Still sore.”
The Somerset Levels have been particularly hard-hit, with some residents forced to sleep under mosquito nets to avoid being bitten during the night.
One man claimed he had been bitten up to 40 times in one night.
Dr Derric Nimmo, head of public health at Oxitec - a biotech company which specialises in tackling pest diseases - said the current situation is unprecedented.
He said: "This summer has been very odd with its weather patterns and there has been flooding all over the country.
"More rain means more breeding sites. It has been relatively warm so mosquitoes have been able to breed quicker.
"It is very uncommon and it seems to be affecting the whole country.”
Have you noticed an influx of mosquitos in North Devon? Contact newsdesk on 01271 347432 or email

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