Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lake Nakuru water rise prompts flamingo exit

Flamingos have moved to Bogoria for now
August 2012. A million flamingos have temporarily moved from Lake Nakuru to Lake Bogoria leaving behind just a few hundred owing to a reduction in their food supply. This has been caused by an unusal phenomenon of rising water to levels last experienced over 60 years ago at Lake Nakuru National Park. The increase in water levels reduces the salinity of water in the lake thereby reducing algae, the main food for flamingos.

Other birds have increased
The remaining population of over 450 bird species including pelicans, storks and gulls as well numerous species of migratory birds have increased tremendously. The previously elusive hippos are now easier to see.
The reduction in grasslands by the rising water levels has made it easier to view the rest of the thriving mammalian population in the park. These include buffalos, baboons, impalas, bushbacks and waterbucks.
Water levels have risen by as much as 2 metres, submerging sections of acacia forest and reducing the salinity of the water, thereby rendering the aquatic habitat unsuitable for flamingos for the time being.

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