Thursday, 2 August 2012

Reds squirrels in Northumberland threatened by greys

Reds squirrels need your support
July 2012. Red Squirrels Northern England (RSNE) and Northumberland Wildlife Trust have launched a cash appeal to save red squirrels in the region.
Research undertaken during April and May by RSNE volunteers has identified an urgently pressing threat - three of the nine red squirrel reserves in Northumberland are becoming heavily populated by breeding grey squirrels, thereby putting the much smaller remaining red squirrels in danger by out-competing them for food and spreading the deadly squirrelpox virus.
The reserves all lie south of Hexham in the Slaley area and it is now clear that, without immediate action, the red squirrels in these three important reserves will probably be lost forever.
Grey squirrel controlThe aim of the appeal is to protect and increase red squirrel populations in the Slaley area over the next five years.  To achieve this, three full-time rangers will be employed to work in these reserves carrying out grey squirrel control and RSNE is asking for donations towards the cost of the project - no matter how small.
Nick Mason, RSNE Project Manager said: "Sadly red and grey squirrels cannot co-exist and without the efforts of land managers and local voluntary groups the red squirrel would already have disappeared.
"Hopefully this appeal will give the red squirrels some breathing space whilst we secure longer term funding to ensure a solution to the situation.
Nick concluded: "We really do appreciate whatever people can give in these times of economic uncertainty, but even though times are hard, we know that if we do not act now, something truly precious will be lost forever." 
People can donate in a number of ways:
online: by credit or debit card at:
by post: by sending a cheque (with Red Squirrel Appeal marked on the back) made payable to Northumberland Wildlife Trust Ltd, and sending it to Freepost NT89, Garden House, St Nicholas Park, Newcastle, NE3 3XT
by telephone: on 0191 284 6884 where staff will take credit/debit payments.

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