Wednesday, 15 August 2012

This sure is one lucky buzzard

Lucky , the endangered black breasted buzzard with Anita Turton who nursed the bird back to good health. Picture: Matt Turner  Source:   AdelaideNow

AN unlikely combination of freakish circumstance, chance meetings and the goodwill of Outback workers and wildlife lovers will return one of Australia's rare birds to the skies this week.

This endangered black-breasted buzzard, named Lucky by her rescuers, has been nursed back to health over the past three months at Williamstown after being discovered, near death, on the Strzelecki Track at Moomba.

The plan is to release her back at the track, but she will have to undergo one final procedure to ensure she survives. Four tail feathers taken from road kill will be glued to existing feather stumps so Lucky can fly away.

Grounded by a broken wing bone and unable to feed herself for at least three weeks, Lucky was found by an ornithologist conducting research on a part of the track usually closed to the public. Recognising how important she was, the scientist phoned the local ranger, who contacted Santos workers, who built a crate for the bird and organised for her to be flown to Adelaide.

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