Monday, 13 August 2012

Who needs a pet pooch when you have your very own dogzilla?

Fluffy the monitor lizard gets close for a piggyback with owner David Robson (Picture: Caters)

Owner David Robson bought the reptile when he was just a few inches long and now shares his home with a 1.5m (5ft) godzilla – which likes to cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV.

‘He did go through a funny phase of climbing on my dad’s face when he fell asleep on the sofa, said the 18-year-old. 

‘He’d climb up dad’s legs, sit on his face and then fall asleep as well – but because he is so big my dad couldn’t lift him so he’d be pinned to the sofa.’ 

Fluffy runs to the gate when Mr Robson shouts ‘walkies’ and loves playing with the family’s four dogs and three cats. 

‘When he is really warm and has been under his bulbs for ages he has loads of energy – he can run as fast as the dog can, said the teenager, of Bridlington, East Yorkshire. 

Despite his vicious claws and whip-like tail, Fluffy is a hit with locals when he is carried on Mr Robson’s chest as he collects cash for charities at festivals. 

‘Because I’m holding him close they think I’m cuddling a child so they say, “Oh can I see your baby?” I don’t know how they miss the 3ft tail,’ he said.

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