Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Canadian couple adopt pool and pub-loving grizzly bear Billy

The friendly 18-month-old bear was adopted by animal handler Mark Dumas and his wife Dawn as a cub last year and has been enjoying their company ever since.

Billy regularly accompanies the duo to their favourite watering hole near their home in Vancouver, Canada, where he can easily get his paws up onto the bar.

After taking in a game of pool, the 250lbs (18st) brown giant joins his family relaxing in the living room with a spot of TV.

At home Billy splashes in the swimming pool with his adopted 'mum' where the duo play with a giant inflatable ball or alternatively indulge in a spot of play-fighting. 

'Billy is very intelligent and has a really good spirit. He is very good natured and he learns fast,' explained Mr Dumas, who trains animals of all shapes and sizes for work in movies and TV.

'His favourite food is jam and he loves tucking into a jar when Dawn and I have a picnic,' he added. 

'He's been with us since he was a cub. I wanted to take him to the beach because bears have a natural affinity with water, and I knew he'd enjoy it.

'He loved splashing around in the waves, and now he loves our pool.'

Billy was one of three cubs born at a private zoo in Ontario, Canada, before moving in with the Dumas clan where he lives in a large enclosure complete with his own pool.

When fully grown Billy could weigh more than three times his current weight - reaching 800lbs

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