Monday, 10 September 2012

"Like wrestling Mike Tyson": Britain's biggest fish caught in titanic tussle after four-year search

A fisherman who battled for more than four years to catch the UK's largest fish was stunned when he hooked the giant carp twice - in three weeks.

Patient Brian Humphries, 48, has spent 40 years fishing England's finest rivers and lakes in his search for the finest specimens.

The keen angler thought he had met his match at a secretive lake in Berkshire where the elusive, 59lb 14oz giant mirror carp - known as The Parrot - eluded him for four years.

But he finally landed his trophy after a titanic, 20 minute tussle between man and the UK's biggest fish - then did it again three weeks later.

Brian, who runs Elite Towbars and Windscreens in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, described his battle to reel the fish in as like "wrestling with Mike Tyson".

He said: "I’ve been fishing for 40-years and this is the biggest fish I’ve ever caught. It is the biggest fish in the UK.

"The Parrot is well-known in fishing fraternities and all the big names want to catch him.

"It picked up its name because of its stumped nose. As far as I know it is about 12-15 years old but they can live up to 50-years.

"I got him at about 1am in the morning. I was asleep but I was woken by him biting and that’s when the battle began. It took about 20-minutes but I eventually got him.

"It was such a big fish and was like trying to hold onto a dog at then end. I felt like I was wrestling with Mike Tyson as it was so powerful.

"They’re all muscle but you have to be careful not to hurt it.

"After four-years of trying to catch him I get him twice in three weeks. I was overwhelmed as I lost him last December."

The Parrot is so big that Brian actually jumped into the water after he had tired the fish to ensure that it didn't become ' the one that got away' and took three men to land it on the bank.

He added: "My son Matthew, who is 15, likes to come fishing and he appreciates the size. He called me a jammy git. It’s taken years of devotion and I’m absolutely elated.

"Hopefully if he stays alive for long enough he can break the all-time English record of 67.5lb."

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