Thursday, 25 April 2013

Colombia: Two Killed And 17 Hurt In Bullfight

The dangers of bullfighting are highlighted again after two men are killed during a festival in Colombia. 

Two men have been killed and at least 15 people injured during a bullfight in northern Colombia. 

They died on the second day of a popular festival on the South American country's Caribbean coast on Sunday. 

Doctors said one of the victims, 46-year-old Daniel Cardona, was killed when the bull's horn gored through to his heart. 

"Unfortunately the animal caught him by surprise and gored him," said a spectator, Orlando Ramos. 

"According to the report from the doctors who were there, it was a very deep stab to the heart." 

Another man later died in hospital of injuries sustained while trying to subdue the raging bull. 

Despite high risks and protests from animal rights activists, bullfighting remains a popular activity in Colombia. 

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