Friday, 19 April 2013

Worth More Alive IV - Helping to save tigers

2 marathons in a week dressed as a tiger in aid of tiger conservation - At the age of 50
Award-winning wildlife photographer, guide and conservationist, Paul Goldstein, is again putting himself through hell: Running the Brighton marathon and then 'running' the London marathon just a week later - all of which he will be doing in a 9ft tall tiger costume! 

Last year Paul ran 4 marathons in 1 week, but that was too easy, so this year he will climb Kilimanjaro and run 2 marathons.

Paul said "I intend to use last years not inconsiderable sum and this year's for proper projects: new, spring fed,solar-powered water holes in the park, big school renovations including a new assembly hall for the 500-strong school. This will benefit both tiger, prey and local people."

Many of you have already been generous this year and in the past but I am asking you to donate however small, for this cause. Even if you don't care about this striped cat, I am sure you loathe what people are doing to them.

Yes it will be tough on the course, if any of you are thinking of supporting don't be shy about bringing along a few care packages (Wine gums, bananas, jelly snakes etc), they are both superb events. I will be sore by the end of this and hurting but my insignificant pain is nothing to what these animals are going through. I have said this before but I re-iterate: they are more than a signature species endorsed by golfers, rugby clubs, beers and cereals which do little or nothing for them, they are a meal ticket to so many: from guides to wardens, tourists and lodge owners, I hate the thought of losing them. Put simply, they matter and this week-end and the next they are going to start mattering a bit more.

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