Monday, 9 September 2013

Barnstaple councillor finds mystery bug in roll of Tesco cling film

A BARNSTAPLE town councillor has found a mystery bug in a roll of cling film.

Julie Hunt bought the cling film earlier this month and revealed the insect as she got towards the end of the roll.

“I don’t know what it is with me,” said Julie, who bought the pickle and cling film at Tesco.

“About a year ago we found a caterpillar in frozen peas and just chucked it out.

“We joked about who ate half of it, because we didn’t find it until it was cooked, and we only found half a caterpillar.

“I must be jinxed.”

Bemused Julie, town councillor for Whiddon Valley, thinks the mystery bug is a small centipede.

“I started to see little bits of black as I rolled out the cling film and thought, what’s that,” she said. “Then I got to the bug. It’s really bad.

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