Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hunting Bigfoot: Squatching trip in Perry Canyon fails to produce evidence of creature

PERRY — The bull moose on the next hill lowered his big head, flared his cavernous nostrils and stared through the leafy baneberry brush at the Sasquatch hunters. His velvet antlers were still small and barely discernible.

“See that moose?” said Jesse Haycock, of Payson, who was standing on the hilltop where, judging in part from the bent grass, the moose had probably bedded down. From that vantage point, there was a 360-degree view and two trails leading up to the site. There were also moose pellets nearby.

“If you look at him straight on, he looks like a biped,” Haycock said. “See the big head and shoulders there? If you’re not used to it, straight on, the moose looks like a man … and it turns around, and when you look right now … you only see two legs again from here. If you’re not accustomed to it, it will look like a Sasquatch.”

Haycock and Terry Baddley, of Brigham City, were on a Bigfoot expedition recently up Perry Canyon. Bigfoot was absent, but five moose made an appearance: a moose cow with young calves, a young bull moose and an older bull.

The two men are members of Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, a San Juan Capistrano, Calif.-based group formed under the nonprofit Bigfoot Outdoor Services, LLC, and with about 250 members nationwide. Started in 1994 by Matt Moneymaker, the volunteer network classifies and collates local, state, regional, national and international sightings.

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