Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poisonous toads threaten pets in Tampa - via Herp Digest

AP, 9/27/13 TAMPA — A Tampa dog is being treated for poisoning by a Bufo toad, a species known for its hallucinogenic toxins and increased activity during periods of unusually heavy rains.
The dog was “expected to recover because it was the second time this animal had a run-in with a Bufo toad and the owners knew what to do immediately,” said James Judge, a spokesman with Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners.
However, the incident — as well as the poisoning death of a Jack Russell Terrier in Temple Terrace last October — has area veterinarians warning pet owners about the dangers of the huge toads. That dog bit into a Bufo toad and was killed by the toxins.
The incident has area pet owners on edge.
Tampa veterinarian John Gicking said several cases of toad poisoning are treated every week during periods of increased Bufo toad activity.
Curious dogs and cats tend to lick or pick up Bufo toads with their mouths.
When this happens, the toad secretes a poison from glands on the back of its head, which causes the pets to have symptoms.

Symptoms of intoxication include “seizures, drooling, really red gums, pawing at their mouths, stumbling, heart arrhythmia, excitable behavior, pacing and trembling,” Gicking said.

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