Monday, 31 March 2014

Dynamite fishing kills 22 sperm whales

March 2014: Last weekend at least 22 dwarf sperm whales and 21 dolphins were killed as a result of ‘blast fishing’ off Siargao Island in the Philippines, a process by which fisherman use explosives to stun or kill marine life for easy collection.

Among the dead whales and dolphins were a mother dwarf sperm whale and her calf, which became stranded off a resort at Kamaligan, Barangay. Marine biologist Gianni Boy Grifoni and his assistant Stephanie Chua attempted to save the wounded whales, who they described as being badly injured. The whales also suffered stab wounds as the fisherman tried to kill the whales after the explosion had stunned and injured them. In spite of their efforts to help the animals, the calf died of its injuries on Saturday 22nd March, one day after the blast fishing took place. The mother died the following morning.

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