Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sydney oil spill will significantly affect wildlife, say anglers

Caltex says has it has ‘contained and dispersed’ the oil after a spill into Botany bay from its Kurnell refinery

Recreational fishers have warned of a significant impact upon fish and bird life in Botany bay after an oil spill in the area.

The spill originated from Caltex’s Kurnell refinery, with the company blaming heavy rain for causing a containment area to overflow. Caltex said the oil spill was small, with the Sydney Ports Corporation confirming that it had been fully contained with booms.

But anglers said they were concerned that birds and fish would have died as a result of the spill.

Malcolm Poole, chairman of the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, said anglers were “greatly concerned” by the oil spill and took photos of the scene.

Poole said that following the spill on Monday night there was not “any sign of any action overnight” from authorities.

“When will the oil spill generate a serious combined response to clean up the mess in the bay, investigate the occurrence and cause – and then appropriately fining those responsible to the full extent of the laws, and then making sure it will not happen again in the future?” he said.

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