Saturday, 12 April 2014

Abandoned crocodile wanders around shopping centre

Friday 11 Apr 2014 12:45 pm

An abandoned crocodile has been spotted wandering around a shopping centre.

The ‘dangerous’ four foot animal was seen at the TJ Maxx Plaza, in Roseville, California, after originally being left at the front of a pet shop.

A game warden told shoppers were lucky to escape injury as the animal was particularly ‘nasty’.

‘This one is a really nasty crocodile,’ said Patrick Foy.

‘It’s got a really bad attitude. This animal genuinely is a very dangerous animal.’

The animal, which is thought to be a Nile crocodile, had been left with a note saying ‘call rescue’.

‘Leaving it in a parking lot absolutely (puts) the public at risk, especially kids who might think that they can go and touch (it) – people who just don’t know how dangerous these crocodiles really are,’ Sgt. Jason Bosworth added.

The croc was eventually subdued when an animal control official lassoed it.

It has since been transferred to the California State Fish and Wildlife agency, with officials suggesting it may have been an illegally owned pet.

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