Monday, 22 June 2015

New rewilding area to be launched in Europe

The Oder Delta, on the border between Poland and Germany, is set to become the eighth area of Europe to be designated as part of the Rewilding Europe initiative.

The project's aims are to establish 10 areas for the reintroduction of wild animals that formerly roamed such habitats but which have died out.

The new location is strategically placed at one of the natural crossroads in Europe. This transboundary region has seen a spontaneous comeback of wildlife and increasing wild natural areas over the past decades.

Polders that had been drained have been re-flooded, rivers have been restored and large areas have been set aside for nature – with positive results.

Nature has regenerated well, and iconic wildlife species have discovered these new habitats and have started to come back.

Being close to Berlin, Szczecin, and many summer resorts along the Baltic coast, this new, dynamic landscape also creates new sources of income and pride for local people.

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