Monday, 22 June 2015

The curious case of Ozzie the Sydney cat, who turned up in Northern Ireland

Australians have a reputation for being a well-travelled bunch. But the curious case of Ozzie the mystery moggy has taken this jet-setting trend to an entirely new level.

In Northern Ireland, they're calling Ozzie a purrrfect mystery.

Photo: Cats Protection, Armagh Branch
The stray ginger cat was discovered hanging around a backyard in County Armagh in Northern Ireland earlier this week.

When a Cats Protection volunteer picked him up and took him to a vet to scan his microchip, she was astonished to discover that he was registered in Sydney, Australia.

Just as baffling as his 17,000-kilometre journey half way around the world was the date on his microchip: it suggested he was born in 1989, which would make him 25 years old.

The Cats Protection volunteers have nicknamed the cat Ozzie, and have embarked on an international search to reunite him with his owner.

"If only he could tell us of his travels," the organisation wrote on its Facebook page, alongside a photograph of Ozzie enjoying a cuddle with a volunteer. 

Ozzie, described as "very thin but incredibly handsome" and "a gentle affectionate cat", appeared to have been well looked after in the past, Armagh Cats Protection co-ordinator Gillian McMullen said.

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