Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Pictures: Otter spotted on the River Taw

By NDJJoe | Posted: January 18, 2016

The otter has been an unofficial symbol for North Devon ever since the book Tarka The Otter was published in 1927

An otter has been spotted on the River Taw near Barnstaple reminding residents that this is Tarka The Otter country.

Journal photographer Rob Tibbles was out taking pictures of the river early on Saturday morning when he spotted the river dwelling mammal.

"After days of non-stop rain, I thought I'd take advantage of the early morning light and went out to explore the lower reaches of the Taw," said Rob.

"I was shooting wide angle landscapes when a friend said they'd seen an otter.

"I quickly changed lenses and tried to follow the trail of bubbles as it swam along the bank. I lost it for a while and almost gave up but then I spotted movement in the deep shadow of an overhang of an old wall.

"It was tricky to shoot as it was in such a dark spot. I managed to get a few shots

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