Thursday, 29 September 2016

Under the sea: Fish recorded singing dawn choruses off Australia coast

Seven fish choruses have been identified by researchers

Fish sing dawn choruses in the ocean just as birds do on land, scientists have said.

Seven fish choruses have been identified by researchers from Exeter University and Curtin University in Perth, Australia, which varied from “foghorn” cries to “grunting” noises.

Using a pair of sea-noise loggers positioned at different points in the coastal waters of Port Headland in Western Australia, scientists monitored the ocean continually for 18 months and recorded distinct choruses occurring at different times of the day, particularly at dawn and at dusk, with songs predominantly heard between early spring and late summer.  

The study, led by Robert McCauley and published in the journal Bioacoustics, found the majority of this submarine soundscape was emitted through repetitive solo calls from fish, however these sounds also overlapped creating the choruses.


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