Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Furry 'Harry Potter' Spider Discovered in Mountain Burrow

By Laura Geggel, Senior Writer | July 7, 2017 05:00pm ET

A newly identified wolf spider looks so much like Aragog, the giant, fictional spider from the "Harry Potter" series, that the creature is being named after the colossal arachnid, a new study reports.

The naming opportunity was too good to pass up, the researchers said. The animatronic puppet created for the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" was based on the anatomy of a wolf spider, said study co-researcher Alireza Zamani, a graduate student of animal biosystematics at the University of Tehran in Iran.

"We found out that there was an extreme similarity between our spider and Aragog as he was depicted in the second film," Zamani told Live Science in an email. "Since it was also the 20th anniversary of the whole 'Harry Potter' series, we thought it might be a good idea and celebration of this wonderful franchise" [to name the spider after Aragog].

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