Thursday 25 July 2019

Chimp champ Jane Goodall enlists advanced mapping technology for nature and humanity

JULY 10, 2019
by Bradley J. Fikes
In groundbreaking research beginning nearly 60 years ago, Jane Goodall has devoted her life to understanding our closest relatives, chimpanzees.
Goodall, 85, lived among chimps in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park, gathering observations that reached the public in a series of popular books. She was first scientist to describe chimpanzees as individuals, giving them memorable names such as Flo, Fifi and Flint. She also depicted how chimps live in societies, in peace, conflict and even war.
Now the English primatologist has enlisted a provider of 21st-century mapping science to understand and protect nature, and help their human neighbors thrive alongside wildlife without conflict.
Goodall and Geographic Information System, or GIS, provider Esri announced the partnership Monday at Esri's 2019 user meeting in San Diego.
The Redlands-based company will provide the Jane Goodall Institute GIS software tools to document natural and human resources, including wildlife reserves, towns, and flood control areas. The institute, fellow scientists and local volunteers will collect the information and with Esri's help, use that knowledge to refine their conservation efforts.

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