Sunday 7 February 2021

BBC: 'Mammoth' fossil found on Isle of Wight beach


Luke and Joe Ferguson with their fossilised boneIMAGE COPYRIGHTJOE AND LUKE FERGUSON
image captionBrothers Luke (left) and Joe (right) Ferguson have been fossil hunting since childhood

Two amateur fossil hunters have discovered a huge prehistoric fossilised bone, believed to be from an elephant, on an Isle of Wight beach.

Brothers Luke and Joe Ferguson found the 1m-long (3ft) fossil sticking out of the stones near Brighstone Beach following a storm.

Experts believe it is from a straight-tusked elephant or mammoth and could be hundreds of thousands of years old.

They will have to wait until after lockdown to get it properly identified.

The pair, who have been collecting fossils since childhood, spotted the giant bone on 27 January.

Joe Ferguson said: "Half of it was sticking out like a cartoon prop - it was incredible - it just slid out and we didn't even have to dig.

"It's over 3ft long and, at a guess, about 25 to 30kg. We had to carry it on our shoulders."

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