Thursday 18 February 2021

Photo prompts debate in New Hampshire


“What you're seeing is a Bigfoot poop covered in snow. The outside pattern is just where his fur rested,” one man wrote. So what was it? None of the ...

LOUIS WRITES: The photo Jon shared with me of a lone imprint in the middle of an otherwise untouched patch of snow is intriguing and mysterious to say the least, but it is by no means unexplainable. Anybody with a scientific mind could theorise an event which could have caused such a deformation in the snow. For example, a bird falling from the sky before recovering, or the results of children throwing snowballs nearby. Whilst after scrutising the image I cannot definitively say what caused this strange phenomenon, I have no doubt what we are seeing is not a footprint or evidence of a undiscovered wonder of the animal world.

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