Tuesday 9 March 2021

David Duchovny's New Book 'Truly Like Lightning' Started As An 'X-Files' Episode


David Duchovny. (Tim Palen)
David Duchovny. (Tim Palen)

David Duchovny is best known for portraying Fox Mulder, a believer in all things supernatural, in the long-running TV series “The X Files.”

But Duchovny also has a master's in English literature. And in the last few years, he's turned his talents to writing novels. The most recent one, “Truly Like Lightning,” came out last month.

Here & Now producer Emiko Tamagawa interviewed David Duchovny about his book for a virtual event held by the Massachusetts-based Brookline Booksmith. A Zoom crowd eagerly awaited Duchovny as event director Bryana Tribuna spoke for many of the fans in her introduction: “David Duchovny has been a constant in my life since ‘The X-Files’ first aired, and I was just a weird little kid obsessed with bigfoot, werewolves and aliens.

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