Sunday, 14 March 2021

Wild Justice 55 - a reminder, a piece of good news, another reminder and a quick look forward


Good afternoon!
This is a short newsletter.
1. The DEFRA consultation on gamebirds closes on Monday so this weekend is a good time to get it done if you mean to do it. Thank you to hundreds of Wild Justice supporters who have responded - we've been amazed at how many of you have already responded and told us you have. And this includes people who have never responded to a government consultation before - that makes us feel good because it suggests that we are encouraging and helping you to become more active for nature. And that's great.
Just have a look at the comments we have received from people like yourself as they have completed the consultation - we've posted three selections on our blog - click here, here and here.  There are some wonderful comments and some are quite funny. Made us laugh anyway.
Some tips (which appeared in the last newsletter) are updated and can be found in another blog post - click here.
2. Good news - in newsletter 43 (in December) we asked you to sign a petition calling for an area of north Kent to be notified because of its importance for invertebrates. We were basically giving Buglife a hand with this. We're pleased to say that Natural England has recently made the site at Swanscombe an SSSI. Hooray!  Well done to all who signed the petition, well done Buglife and well done Natural England (on this issue).  The fight doesn't end there, but it's a very solid move in the right direction.
3. We know that many of you, we think most of you, receiving this newsletter have signed the joint NGO petition calling for an amendment to be added to the Environment Bill - if you haven't done so yet, please have a look and add your name if you feel able - click here.
4. We will soon be able to tell you about action we are taking in each of the four UK nations.  Next week we envisage being able to tell you about a new legal challenge in one country, ask for your help in another country, tell you about our hopes in another country and show you a letter we have sent in a fourth nation.  Let's see how each issue progresses but we are keen to share where we have got with you. And that doesn't mean we'll be asking you for money straight away, but we might be asking for your help.
But, talking of money, if you do like what we are doing then please consider making a donation through PayPal, bank transfer or a cheque in the post - see details here.
Wild Justice (Directors: Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay).

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