Saturday 22 May 2021

Giant skeleton is a nonstory (Via Sharon Hill)

 Giant skeleton found on ocean floor

Making the rounds on “mysterious news” sites, a video was posted by a paranormal researcher. It appears to be from a remote underwater vehicle in 2017. The main story appears in the tabloid Daily Star and then copied by others, but not picked up by a reputable source. People who don’t know anything much about vertebrate zoology are speculating that this is some new creature, monster, or remains of a Cretaceous-age animal. It’s most likely the remains of a known animal whose carcass sustains seafloor organisms. This story is nothing to get excited about – it’s another example of amateur mystery mongering. Why didn’t she take it to someone qualified to get a better idea about identification? Because clicks-from-controversy are what’s it’s all about, not truth. 

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