Monday, 23 February 2009

Hunt for the Yeti after 10 sightings

From Will Stewart in Moscow
19 February 2009
The Daily Express

A HUNT for the legendary Yeti is to be launched in Siberia after more than 10 sightings of unidentified creatures near a mountain cave.

The animals are described as more than 6ft tall, with reddishblack hair, leaving large and distinctive footprints that include toe marks.

"There have been reports for years about these creatures, but now the number has increased dramatically, " said Galina Pustogacheva, spokeswoman for Tashtagol, a mining town 2,430 miles east of Moscow. The creatures, walking on two legs, have also been seen by villagers in Elbeza and Kabarza and by tourists at the Azass cave on Mount Shoriya.

One petrified witness said: "He is covered in hair all over the body."

Town officials are to launch a search with hunters and anthropologists in the coming weeks. "People are scared they will attack villages because of hunger. We need to understand if they are dangerous and calm people down, " said official Nikita Shulbayev.

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