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Hunters begin search for Russian Yeti

19 February 2009
Asian News International
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London, Feb. 19 -- Hunters are tracking a family of Yetis after reports that the creatures are living in a mountain cave complex in a Russian town. According to a report in the Daily Star, sightings have been made near the remote Russian mining town of Tashtagol in Siberia. The animals are said to be more than 6ft tall with ginger-black hair and leave large, distinctive footprints that include toe marks. "There have been reports over the years about these creatures, but the number has increased dramatically," said Galina Pustogacheva, spokesman for the town. "We have had more than 10 sightings in recent weeks," she added. The creatures have been seen walking on two legs by villagers from the hamlets of Elbeza and Kabarza and tourists visiting the region around the Azass caves on Mount Shoriya. Sightings have worried locals and forced officials to launch an expedition, led by hunters and anthropologists.

"People here are scared the creatures will attack villages because of hunger," said Nikita Shulbayev, deputy head of the local administration. "We made a decision to send an expedition to research this issue. We need to understand whether they are dangerous for people. We need to calm people down," she added. "Scientists from Kemerovo University will help us discover what the creatures are - whether they are a rare kind of bear or a surviving primate from pre-historic times," she informed. No photographs have been taken of the beasts. But, according to one witness, "The creature reminds me of a bear. In his footprints, one can clearly see toes. He is 1.5 to two metres high. He is covered with red and black hair and can climb trees."
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