Thursday, 6 January 2011

Now East Texas also reports hundreds of dead birds

Longview : TX : USA | Jan 05, 2011
By BorderExplorer

Texans are observing hundreds of dead birds on an East Texas bridge, according to a breaking report by KLTV in Tyler. This latest discovery compounds the mystery of recent reported discoveries of dozens, hundreds, even thousands of dead birds and fish documented in the southern United States as well as dead wildlife reports in other parts of the world this week.

Around 200 birds were found dead on a Hwy 155 bridge over the Lake O' the Pines, this morning.

The cause of death of the birds identified as American Coots is unknown. Lake O' the Pines is located on Big Cypress Creek in the Cypress River Basin, 25 miles northeast of Longview.

Experts initially contacted by KLTV considered the large number of dead birds spotted on an east Texas bridge to most probably be a natural occurrence in the area.

KLTV updated their report with information from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Media Communication Director, Tom Harvey, who says it is not uncommon to see dozens of dead birds on this bridge.

The Corps of Engineers office at Lake O' the Pines reports that they are not sure why kills like this happen, but they think it likely that the birds get hit and killed by motor vehicles while walking, roosting or flying on and around the bridge. Greg Conley, from the Corp of Engineers, recalls seeing a similar situation involving multiple dead birds on bridges and roadways around Lake Fork. He considers this incident to be unrelated to the Arkansas situation.

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