Sunday, 9 January 2011

Turtle Road Toll Mounting in Queensland, Australia (Via HerpDigest)

AAP, 12/24/10 Queensland, Hundreds of freshwater turtles have become roadkill in recent weeks as downpours filled lagoons and floodplains across Queensland.

Motorists should slow down and be on the lookout for turtles crossing roads to find their mates and nesting areas, Capricorn Conservation Council spokesman Michael McCabe said.

Mr McCabe told AAP he estimated the turtle road toll to be in the hundreds, particularly around Rockhampton in central Queensland.

''We are receiving reports of turtles being killed or badly injured by vehicles when they try to cross roads,'' he said.

He said some vulnerable Fitzroy River turtles had been killed along the Ridgelands Road, west of Rockhampton.

''This species is already under enormous pressure from dams, mining and agricultural water use, (hunting) by feral animals and trampling of nests by stock accessing the river,'' Mr McCabe said.

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