Sunday, 19 June 2011

Legless in Seattle

Security scan finds live snake in backpack at Seattle courthouse

SEATTLE -- Security screeners at the King County Courthouse in Seattle got quite the surprise when when a man put his backpack through the x-ray machine last Friday.

Sgt. John Urquhart with the King County Sheriff's Office said as the bag moved through the machine, what should pop up on the monitor but a snake coiled up inside the backpack?

A live snake.

The screener told a uniformed court marshal, who asked the man if he had "a pet" in his backpack. The man said he did and he was told by the court marshal, in no uncertain terms, that no pets were allowed in the courthouse.

The man left in a huff, and, as Urquhart put it, "the courthouse rats breathed a sigh of relief... as did many of us 'snake haters' as well!'"

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