Monday, 20 June 2011

Thief demands £1m ransom for boy's cat

A cat burglar who broke into a home and stole a schoolboy's pet cat has demanded a £1 million ransom for its safe return. Caesar is a rare Mekong Bobtail cat but its owner - 12-year-old Dawid Kisielewski - says the pet is not worth more than £500.

Caesar was nabbed last month from the youngster's home in Myslowice, Poland. Dawid had almost given up hope after putting up posters all over town, when the family suddenly got the mysterious ransom phone call.

"He has been beside himself with worry - he loved Caesar," said mum Jolanta, 40.

The family said it had received a phone call from a man saying he had the cat and would return it safely for £1m. Jolanta added: "He must be a raving madman. We don't have that sort of money - and besides, the cat is only worth £500. We have no idea what to do as we can't afford to pay it, but if we don't Dawid will be broken hearted."

Now police say they will do all they can to find the cat-napper.

"Someone who demands a ransom for the misappropriation of property belonging to another can get three years imprisonment," said police spokesman Ryszard Padua. "We will find this ridiculous man and make sure he gets the full sentence."

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