Monday, 20 June 2011

Seal rescued from Hinkley Point B power station water intake

An Atlantic grey seal has been rescued from the Hinkley Point B nuclear power station in Somerset.

The seal, which had not been harmed, had been spotted swimming around in the cooling chamber but could not escape.

Staff from EDF Energy, observed by RSPCA officials, designed a cradle made from scaffolding and netting to eventually rescue the stranded animal.

After five days they managed to capture the seal, which they called Celia, and it was released nearby.

"Celia the seal seemed in no hurry to leave as there were plenty of fish for her to eat," a spokesman for the power station said.

After being hoisted out of the water intake Celia was checked by a vet who said she was none-the-worse for her ordeal.

Celia was released back into the sea from a beach several miles away from the power station.

"The spot was chosen as it was far enough away, and on the outgoing tide, so she was not likely to return," the EDF spokesman added.

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