Friday, 25 November 2011

China breaks 2010 promise- still killing tigers for profit

Tiger skins traded openly in ChinaNovember 2011. One year on from the International Tiger Conservation Forum in St Petersburg, tiger campaigners have launched an impassioned petition calling on the Premier of China, Wen Jiabao, to end the trade in tiger and big cat skins from so called ‘tiger farms' in his country.

China is still allowing the trade in tiger skins of so-called ‘legal origin', including ‘farmed tigers'. But, a lack of transparency over how authorities determine the legality of the skins coupled with insufficient enforcement and growing corruption is creating a smokescreen for the illegal trade in tiger parts and products in China.

‘Licensed trade' in tiger skins is a disaster
Wildlife artist and outspoken conservationist David Shepherd CBE said: "Tiger farms are barbaric. The sight of hundreds of tigers in small cages being bred just for their parts is repulsive. The Premier of China is on the record as saying he is committed to saving the wild tiger. His government is simply not living up to this commitment. Allowing a so called ‘licensed trade' in skins from tiger farms is a disaster for two reasons. First, it keeps up the scandalous demand for tiger parts by pandering to the market. Second, corruption and this ‘legal' trade make it almost impossible for enforcement agencies to police the situation.

"If Wen Jiabao means what he says about saving tigers, he can clear this up by setting a zero tolerance and end all trade, in all parts, from all sources policy now."

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