Friday, 25 November 2011

Cuckoo tracking all 5 cuckoos now in Congo Rainforest

BTO tracking 5 cuckoos from East Anglia
November 2011. After spending almost three months in Nigeria, Clement has now joined the other four cuckoos in the Congo Rainforest. This is now the closest all five Cuckoos have been to each other since leaving East Anglia this summer.

All five birds are in Africa. The first bird left the UK on the 3rd June and the last on the night of the 22/23 July. They have all successfully completed the crossing of the Sahara and are in the savannah zones. Clement was the first to leave the UK but is now the most northerly, remaining in Nigeria, whilst the other four have travelled south to the Central African Republic and Congo.

Scottish cuckoos: BTO know that Scottish cuckoos are not in decline, like English ones, so in 2012 they will track some cuckoos from Scotland to see how, if at all, their migration route varies from English cuckoos.

Crossing the desert: The Saharan crossing is one of the major sources of mortality for many migrants and during his crossing Chris, the Radio 4 Saving Species Cuckoo, was seen crossing the Sahara on the 23rd July. He was in Chad on a lava field around the rim of the volcano Tarso Voon. Happily, when he was next recorded on 25 July he had completed the desert crossing and was in southern Chad.

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