Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Littering and starting wild fires. All good fun?

Chinese lanterns pose a threat as well as littering the countryside
November 2011. A while ago Wildlife Extra supported a campaign to stop balloon releases as they litter the countryside and can be lethal to marine life. In recent years another, potentially more dangerous, littering fad has become popular in the UK and elsewhere.

If I suggested that it would be fun to throw a burning plastic bag out of a car window you might think I am mad - Yet so called Magic or Chinese lanterns are becoming increasingly popular.

The Sussex Wildlife Trust report than an owl has been found dead inside a Chinese Lantern, and that in July alone the coastguard had no less than 12 alerts caused by Chinese lanterns - yet there are no rules and regulations covering their usage or manufacturing standards.

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  1. Anyone with more than one brain cell, should by now know and understand the danger caused to property and wildlife, of releasing these lanterns.
    The fact that so many of the damn things are sold and released,indicates that many people (despite the present financial climate) have more money than they have brains.


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