Monday, 19 December 2011

Adder disappearance in Nottinghamshire 'very worrying'

Wildlife experts fear that the adder may be extinct in Nottinghamshire after another annual survey failed to find any evidence of the reptile.

The last confirmed sighting of the venomous snake in the county was in Sherwood Forest in 2005.

Nick Crouch, a conservationist, said its disappearance was "very worrying" as the species was a key indicator of the health of the food chain.

The wildlife expect has appealed for the public to report any sightings.

'Bit of a mystery'
Mr Crouch, a nature conservation leader for Nottinghamshire County Council, said the species was once quite widespread across Sherwood.

Adders are in rapid decline in the UK and experts put this mainly down to habitat loss and disturbance.

"These snakes require areas of heathland and woodland," Mr Crouch said.

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  1. Why are people getting worried about these snakes disappearing. Personally, the news is music to my ears and I can but hope that the total extinction of all snakes is imminent.


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