Thursday, 29 December 2011

Turtles conviscated from poachers (Via Herp Digest)

327 Turtles, Podocnemis expanas adult females destined for Christmas Eve Dinner were confiscated from poachers and released in the Rio Branco near Caracaraí by , ICMBio authorities.
Glauco Araújo Do G1, em São Paulo , 12/22/11----

Game wardens recuperated 327 tartarugas and captured 6 trafficers the wild animlas during na operation that began on December 15 and terminated on the 21st in the lower Rio Branco, near Caracaraí (RORAIMA). Supposedly the turtles were destined for Christmas Eve Dinner and were commissioned for the hunters to catch these turtles by people with a lot of political power.

The turtles according to the technician from Instituto Chico Mendes (ICMBio), were found tied up and in sacks, ready to take to Boa Vista, where they were to be delivered to the buyers for R$300 ($225US) for the larger ones and R$100 for the smaller ones

In addition to the turtles 311 eggs were confiscated., disse Antonio Lisboa, chefe do Parque Nacional do Viruá e analista ambiental do ICMBio.

The prisoners Said that the turtles were to be delivered to a particular address to people of high Power in Boa Vista..

The operation was to be extended until December 30 with the help of IBAMA and Military Police of the Environment in the Stat of Roraima. "The registered 23 auto fines. Among the crimes commited by these trafficantes of wildlife, were bad treatment of the animals and formation of na organized trafficking unit "quadrilha". All of the prisoners were taken to the state Penetencery Agrícola Monte Cristo.

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  1. Reading the above, I got the distinct impression that whoever wrote it, had been sampling the christmas booze before putting finger to keyboard.


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