Monday, 26 December 2011

Dalmation has 15 puppies - double the average number

Not quite 101 Dalmations

There aren't quite a 101 of them but for new mum Pebbles her 15 Dalmatian puppies are more than enough.

Pebbles' owner Kay Sullivan was left shocked when her pet pooch gave birth to the huge litter - double the average number.

The birth left two-and-half-year old Pebbles so exhausted that she, husband Neil and daughter Cerys had to step in to lend a hand.

Mrs Sullivan, of Garnant, Carmarthenshire, said: "By the time we had fed the last one, it was time to go back to the first one."

And thanks to their help all of the puppies have survived. The family now have the task of coming up with names for all five males and ten females.

Newly christened is Patch and Phantom Of The Opera due to the fact half his face is black and the other white.

Their story has drawn parallels to the Disney film '101 Dalmatians' because 15 is the number of puppies stolen from Dalmatian parents Pongo and Perdy.

Mrs Sullivan, who is not a dog breeder, said they may keep one or two of the new arrivals but were looking to sell the rest.

"We were expecting an average litter of about seven or eight. We weren't expecting 15. It's a bit much," she said. "We don't want 15 dogs running around."

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  1. Keep them away from glamorous women in fur coats!

    I wonder if they plan on starting the Dalmatian Plantation?


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