Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bigfoot-like creature stalks, baffles some in Redding: But not young fantasy filmmaker

There have been sightings of an occasional black bear and coyotes in these parts in recent years. There was even the moose spotted on the Merritt Parkway. But encounters with a sasquatch, the ape-like creature usually a figment of Pacific Northwest folks’ imaginations, in Redding?
“Residents of our town may have had a few ‘Bigfoot’ sightings in the last couple of months but it’s nothing to panic over,” said Robert Pizzo of Lonetown Road, in an email message to The Pilot earlier this week. “My daughter — and your former intern photographer — Gracie Pizzo has been shooting a short film around town as her final assignment before graduating from the School of Visual Arts” in New York City this May.
The short’s premiere will take place that month in the school’s theater in Manhatttan.
The film is described as “a short fantasy called ‘Lonetown’ about a girl who befriends a monster.”
The young filmmaker who wrote, directed and is now editing the film and her crew used as locales the Lonetown Marsh, the fields by the Redding Community Center and in and around the Pizzo home.
Ms. Pizzo returned to town for a few reasons; mostly, she was using her younger sister, Sophie, as the subject matter for “Lonetown.” But also because the locations in winter really fit the mood she was going for: a stark contrast to where she lives in Manhattan.
Like the Bigfoot legend, all is not as it appears. The “monster” wasn’t attempting to be Bigfoot at all (“although it sure looked like it to surprised drivers on a few snowy days on Lonetown Road!” Mr. Pizzo exclaimed.) “It was sort of an alter ego/friend to a young girl who may or may not be seeing it for real.”

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