Saturday, 21 April 2012

Dr Who's sonic screwdriver 'invented' at Dundee University

Scientists claim to have invented their own version of Doctor Who's famous sonic screwdriver.
The Dundee University researchers have created a machine which uses ultrasound to lift and rotate a rubber disc floating in a cylinder of water.
It is said to be the first time ultrasound waves have been used to turn objects rather than simply push them.
The study could help make surgery using ultrasound techniques more precise, the physicists said.
Surgeons use ultrasound to treat a range of conditions without having to cut open a patient.
The ability to steer ultrasound waves to the precise spot where they are needed could make those treatments even more effective.
The ultrasound waves could also be used to guide a drug capsule through the body and activate it, for instance right inside a tumour.

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