Tuesday, 17 April 2012

First ever photographic evidence of tigers in Namdapha tiger reserve

Tiger census with camera traps
April 2012: The first ever photographic evidence of tiger presence in Namdapha has been acquired using camera traps by Guwahati based bio-diversity conservation and research organisation, Aaranyak.
This is the first time that a tiger has been captured in a camera trap since the first attempts in 1996 by Bangalore based Wildlife Conservation Society. Another study carried out in 2006 by another Mysore based Nature Conservation Foundation also failed to acquire any tiger images in the park.
Even though as many as 25 cameras were stolen by poachers and hunters, and the researchers were shot at on several occasions by armed poachers, the team did manage to get photographs of an adult male tiger from two separate cameras.
Other than tiger the camera trapping exercise also recorded more than 30 species of mammals and a few species of birds, including Sambar, Barking deer, Serow, Elephant, Gaur (Indian  bison), Wild boar, Hog badger, Binturong, Khaleej pheasant, Marbled cat, Himalayan Black bear, Common leopard, Large Indian civet, Small Indian civet, Common Palm civet, Yellow throated marten, Crestless porcupine, Crested porcupine, Brush Tailed porcupine, Spotted  linsang, Asiatic Wild dog, Clouded leopard, Malayan Sun bear, Red goral, Crab eating  mongoose, Rat bandicoot, Capped langur, Stumped tail macaque, Assamese Macaque, Fish owl, Peacock pheasant, Leopard cat & Asiatic Golden cat.
A herd of elephants was also captured on the camera; Elephants have not been seen for a while since the elephants in the park were killed by poachers and the herds lost connectivity with nearby elephant habitats.

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