Thursday, 5 April 2012

Ostriches released onto newly created wildlife reserve in South Africa

UmPhafa records first leopard
August 2011. As Colchester Zoo's charity, Action for the Wild, continues work to develop the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. 10 ostrich have been released onto UmPhafa. Ostrich live in groups of between five and fifty individuals; so a group of ten is perfect. They often travel together with grazing animals, such as zebra and antelope, and it is hoped they will 'team up' with some of the resident game.
Female ostrich lay their eggs in a communal nest. The dominant hen will often discard the eggs of weaker females, but she will keep a number within the nest so that her own chicks are safe amongst the other hatchlings. A female ostrich can determine her own eggs amongst the others in a nest! 
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Camera traps
Since the signs have been recorded on the reserve the UmPhafa staff set camera traps on UmPhafa and the neighbouring farms hoping to catch a glimpse of the leopard, as tracks and signs became even more frequent. The staff sourced some bait to attract the leopard and left scent trails leading it through a path where the camera was set up. After lots of hard work trying to capture a photo of the elusive leopard on UmPhafa, staff managed to get a wonderful photo of a leopard on one of UmPhafa's farms; Geluk.

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