Thursday, 5 April 2012

Runaway cat Ronnie returns after two years away

A RUNAWAY cat has trotted back home to his owners – two years after doing a vanishing act.
Fluffy feline Ronnie turned his back on the Moore family when they brought home a dog in 2010.
But they got the shock of their lives when he reappeared at their Leigham home this week, after apparently plucking up the courage to return.
The adventurous pet jumped straight into the laps of ten-year-old Daisy and her brother Dennis, 11, as though he had never been away.
Mum Natasha said the youngsters, who attend Leigham Primary School and Hele's School respectively, were "over the moon" to have Ronnie back home.
The four-year-old furball ran away in June 2010, when Lurcher Breeze was added to the family, and has lived a life of mystery ever since.
"He just upped and left," Natasha said. "He was not impressed.
"As time went on we didn't think we'd ever see him again – then he just turns up out of the blue. It does make you wonder what he's been up to all this time. He's come home covered in ticks so perhaps he's been living down in the woods or something.
"We were expecting him to be a bit feral after all this time, but the first thing he did was curl up on Daisy.
"She is absolutely over the moon. We'll have to keep an eye on him from now on."

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