Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wanted - Diamondback Terrapin Research Assistant – via Herp Digest

Agency: Ohio University
Location: St. Michaels MD

Job Description: 
I am looking for a field research assistant to participate in a long-term study of the nesting ecology and demography of the diamondback terrapin. The study site is a large scale ecological restoration project on a remote island, Poplar Island Environmental Restoration Project. Transportation is provided by the Army Corps of Engineers from the mainland to the Island on a punctual daily basis. The individuals primary responsibility will be to conduct nesting surveys during June and July and monitor for hatchling emergence from August through October. The job entails searching on hot, sandy, beaches for nest, and upon locating them taking a series of metrics of the nest and the eggs. Nests are monitored until hatching, at which time the hatchlings will be measured, marked, and released. The assistant also will participate in an ongoing mark-recapture and sonic telemetry of headstarted animals at the study site. Responsibilities include coordinating field activities with Army Corps of Engineers and Maryland Environmental Services including logistics of transporting field crew members back and forth from the island on a daily basis. The successful applicant will also be required to pass an online Defensive Driving course before the initiation of their appointment. Opportunity for authorship on side projects will be considered depending on level of participation in the side project. Salary $400/week; housing will be provided for the duration of employment in nearby St. Michaels, MD and board will be subsidized during the summer. Please apply via email to; send a cover letter, resume, and the names and contact information of three references that can be contacted by phone. 

Qualifications: I am looking for field research assistant that must have the ability to work independently and supervise undergraduate field assistants during the summer and into the fall. The individual must be physically fit with the ability to walk 7-10 miles per day in hot, humid conditions. Applicants must be able to work from 14 May until 31 October. Field experience with turtles and nesting desirable but not necessary. Also experience with sonic telemetry and small boat (15-20 hp) handling is highly desirable. The applicant should be familiar with Microsoft Excel and experience with GIS software will be helpful. Strong preference will be given to individuals with ecological, evolutionary, and environmental interests and experience with rigorous field research. Individuals that have completed undergraduate and Masters degrees will be preferred. Also must have the ability to interact with well with contacts in other agencies working on the island and provide brief descriptions of the ongoing research to tour groups. A vehicle will be necessary to get from St. Michaels to the boat dock.

Salary: $400/week + housing
Last Date to apply: April 20, 2012
Contact: Willem M. Roosenburg
E-mail:  (Preferred) 
Phone: 740-503-4983

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