Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Wild birds are crying

VietNamNet Bridge – In recent years, rich people in big cities of Vietnam have acquired a new hobby: raising wild birds.

To serve these customers, hundreds of hunters have traveled around the country to seek and trap rare birds in the jungle. The threat of extinction of wild birds is now at the peak.

Wild birds and prisons

Playing the role of a rich man who is searching for rare birds, I entered a bird shop on Phan Dinh Phung Road, HCM City. The house is only 30sq.m but there were a hundred of bird cages. There were cages with only one bird but there were others with 20-30 birds each. There were dozens of bird species, from popular to rare ones.

The shop’s owner pointed to a cage and said: “These are red-whiskered bulbuls that I’ve just bought from hunters. They are wild birds so they are still shy and do not eat bran. But they will be tamed in the next several days. The price is from VND30,000 to VND50,000 ($1.5-2.2) per bird. Tamed red-whiskered bulbuls which sing very well are VND400,000-500,000 ($20-25) per bird.”

He pointed to another cage and continued: “Those are magpies that have been tamed for over ten days and they also sing very well. The price is only VND50,000 ($2.5) a bird. The price at my shop is the cheapest in Hanoi. You can buy birds to raise or to give them to your friends or relatives as gifts.”

Continued:  http://english.vietnamnet.vn/en/environment/21806/wild-birds-are-crying.html

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