Friday, 27 July 2012

Palm City Equine Rescuers Save Horses On The Edge Of Death

PALM CITY, Fla. -- The worst case of neglect a Palm City rescue league has ever seen. Horses just days away from starving to death. So frail, it will take months to nurse them back to health. 

Left to fend for themselves in a field with no grass. Horses so neglected. The owner had two choices, surrender his animals or go directly to jail. They've never been vaccinated, never been groomed, nor had a bath--folks at the horse rescue say it's the worst case of neglect they've ever seen.

Randy Kinder/Acting President, Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation: He had a choice. Either surrender them to us, or he was.

Randy Kinder was there when deputies told the owner to surrender the horses or go to jail.

Randy Kinder: He finally gave in and said, you know I really got in over my head. I said yeah you did didn't you.

The three came to the Equine Rescue and Adoption Foundation this weekend from a farm in Indiantown. Found penned with other animals who mauled away at them. Attacked when they tried to eat. Scarred from frequent fights.

Holly McFall/Equine Rehab Trainer: There's actually a system in place for rating horses as far as their condition goes, called body condition score and these guys are rated between a 1 and 2. One, being the lowest, and the average for a horse being at around five.

Randy Kinder: The little philly. She's had an eye injury, her eye is literally hanging out and bots (mosquito larvae) have made dents in there.

The colt and mare passafino breed stunted in growth.

Randy Kinder: They are learning for the first time in a long time what grass is, because there wasn't a blade of grass in the paddock where they were.

Holly McFall: They are most likely infested with parasites and that will be another thing we have to do.

They will get better with constant care, at a monthly cost of one thousand dollars the foundation didn't foresee. Someday they will thrive and be adopted out. But not today. 

Randy Kinder: We've had some bad ones, but this is the worst.

The sheriffs office is in contact with the owner, and will continue to monitor the other animals at his property.

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